Sunday, 5 June 2016

This is the turning point

I have told OCA I am resigning from the drawing course and degree, so that I can focus on the thing I want to do, and have been missing IE making things. 

This post is to mark this change in direction and focus from learning things I can hypothetically use to make things in future, to focussing on the making itself and learning as I need as I go along. 

My thing is expressing my inner experience of being in the world in stylised clothing and sometimes contrasting that with the way others experience me. For example my interactive collar expressing what it is like to be surrounded by the sound of cicadas. Or my current project 'coverup' which is intended to be a series of coats/ capes/ overalls with the external perception of a person on the outside ( in style texture, colour etc) and a representation of their internal experience as lining. 

I was intending to get to the embroidery part of the lining for INFJ, and have bought the wool for it, by the end of he half term holiday, which should have been easy peasy. What I did instead was:

1. Set myself a new task of eating healthily and losing weight
2. Went out with friends (a good thing) and drank too much (not good for my focus) three times
3. Spent a lot of time fretting about my friend in hospital.
4. Going to see my mother in law in Watford twice (total 16 hours)
5. Going to work twice ?!!!!
6. Afternoon naps almost every day
7. Went skating with L even though I knew I wouldn't be up to skating myself twice. 

So, now I am going to change my priorities properly, and get the things done that I want to get done. 

I am going to do it like this:

GOAL: to have a series ready in time to submit to prism next year

One cover up every 6 weeks will make it.
5/6/16- buy embroidery thread today
6/6/16 - go to prism show
13/6- finish lining and start sewing
20/6- finish sewing and plan which MBTI to do next
27/6- get fabric and cut out. Plan the next months goals 

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